Reasons for exhibiting

High-end Powder Annual Grand Event with Professionals from Industry​
With the strong support by the POWTECH family and joint efforts of NürnbergMesse China and the Chinese Society of Particuology, IPB has until today been successfully held in China for 19 editions. As China's leading "one-stop-shop" powder technical event, IPB focuses on the whole processing chain of particle, powder and bulk solids, which are required for the production within the chemical, pharmaceutical, food & feed, energy, ceramic & glass, pit & quarry, metallurgy, paper & tree, tobacco and other relative industries.
Discuss the Current Situation and Development of Non-Metallic Minerals​
Nonmetal mineral powder is widely used in chemical, rubber and plastics, coating, ceramics, powder metallurgy and other related industries. 3NEW Summit, co-organized by, discussed the topics of how to reduce production cost, improve material performances and production process. This summit will be continued in IPB 2021, further discuss intelligent pitting, processing, transporting and application of minerals.
Undertake Safety Mission, Closely Watch Powder Explosion Prevention​
China’s economy is growing, luckily during the time of continuous growth the government also worked on improving the local safety standards. In 2019, 3 major, compulsory GB codes are to be released. IND EX® association invited the main contributors and writers of the respective new Chinese standards in order to introduce them to interested end-users, OEMs, engineering companies during the IND EX® event at the IPB Exhibition. In IPB 2020, more newly developed product solutions, protection approaches and state-of-the-art safety software will be showed to the audience.

Download IPB 2020 Brochure
(the brochure of IPB 2023 is in preparation)