Exhibtion services

Services for free

  1. Entries in the print exhibition catalogue
  2. press releases/ product promotion articles on IPB website
  3. company presentation on Bulk-online and Solids-online


  1. Online banner (For company promotion includes website, network, email, ads design)
  2. Personalized customers invitation

Extra services to key accounts (Zone A or Zone B above 36sqm)

  • Booth location close to the main entrance
  • A high valued stand design, e.g. 12sqm booth specification:
  1. information counter
  2. black leather chairs
  3. long-arm spotlights
  4. power socket (square pin) max. 500W
  5. round table
  6. storage area with lockable door
  7. bar tool
  8. wastepaper basket
  • Exclusive services from online to offline (whole year)
  1. promote products brief and pictures on "show preview"
  2. promote products brief through professional magazines
  3. provide interview oppurtunities on-site and report in reputable local industrial media
  4. enjoy free internet access, cold & hot drinks and snacks at VIP lounge
  5. present the product catalogues in the VIP lounge